"When Gary talks to me, it's like I'm understanding a foreign language for the first time."

- Jim Thomasell, Executive Director Association of Clinical Research Professionals

"Gary was always the "go to" guy for me no matter how complex the problem was. His skills enabled me to be more efficient across the many aspects of my work..." [read more]

 - Alan W. Dunton, M.D. International Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Consultant


"Working with Gary has given me a sense of personal and professional fulfillment and satisfaction..." [read more]

- Julia Santos, Head of Global Business Optimization Johnson and Johnson Group of Consumer Companies


"Gary Stine became a partner in my journey to maximize my contributions both at work and in life..." [read more]

- Bob Rosecrans, Chief Information Officer Graduate Management Admission Council®


"Working with Gary over the past ten years has helped me grow from a strong individual performer to a leader of strong performers..." [read more]

- Brian Burk, CEO Healthcare Systems Online


"Before working with Gary, I struggled at speaking. I had very little confidence and dreaded having to make formal presentations..." [read more]

- Teri Ptacek, Executive Director Agricultural Stewardship Association