Working with Gary has given me a sense of personal and professional fulfillment and satisfaction...

I have always been a passionate overachiever yet I have always been extremely hard on myself; making excuses, apologies and justifications for who I am. Working with Gary has given me the confidence to believe in my strengths, develop a sense of perspective, take on the issues worth standing up for and dismiss the less important ones. Gary's holistic style incorporates the connections between the client's personal and professional lives His practical exercises get at the root of issues and have provided me with tools for everyday life, both from a personal and professional perspective.

My experience with Gary has been transformational. I am forever grateful to him for his unwavering support to help me see the greatness in me that I sometimes did not see. His sincerity and eagerness to help me succeed gave me the courage to challenge the status quo with resolve.

Julia Santos, Head of Global Business Optimization Johnson and Johnson Group of Consumer Companies