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testimonial - Bob Rosecrans

Gary Stine became a partner in my journey to maximize my contributions both at work and in life...

Having spent time in several industries in senior positions prior to my current company, I felt I had more to offer as a seasoned business executive, but I struggled to contribute beyond my specialization as a technology executive.  Gary helped me to understand the value I had to offer and mentored me as I increasingly participated in more strategic conversations and initiatives.  Now, at the end of our work together, I feel empowered by my recent experiences and rewarded by the feedback I have received from my peers.

Beyond my professional life, Gary also helped me to more effectively deal with a family issue that required both patience and tools for communicating with the impacted family member.  He has had a calming effect on me during our family dilemma and I am better armed to both recognize progress and deal with new challenges.   

Bob Rosecrans, Chief Information Officer Graduate Management Admission Council®