When Gary talks to me, it’s like I’m understanding a foreign language for the first time.
— Jim Thomasell, Executive Director, The Association of Clinical Research Professionals


Executives at fortune 500 companies turn to Spoken Word Solutions when they are dealing with complex issues. Founder and Principal, Gary Stine has coached executives at such companies as Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ), Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and Dunkin Donuts (NASDAQ: DNKN) on topics focused on performance acceleration of individuals, teams and companies. Now Gary Stine wants to bring his 18 years of experience—and expertise—to your company or organization.



Spoken Word Solutions provides custom coaching that delivers measurable results to executives who are looking to move their careers and/or their companies to the next level.

Whether it’s representing your company at an industry conference or delivering a presentation at an internal company meeting, public speaking is often a critical part of the job. Gary Stine can help you connect with the audience, grab their attention and never lose it.

Gary Stine creates customized programs to help you not just balance your personal and professional life but integrate these two worlds—while reaching your career goals.



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