Gary Stine is founder and principal of Spoken Word Solutions. For nearly two decades Gary has worked with leadership at top Fortune 500 companies as their personal and professional confidant.


Gary has been featured on both radio and television and is the author of two books focused on personal and professional development. What drives him is a desire to help senior executives improve their leadership abilities, strengthen their speaking skills and increase their productivity by up to 10 percent.

“The goals we develop together are specific, actionable and measurable,” Gary says.

His clients have included executives at Johnson & Johnson, Dunkin’ Donuts, Goldman Sachs, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Schering-Plough, C.R. Bard, the United Nations among others.

Each client is different, Gary says, and their needs vary.

“It’s always about the client’s real world,” Gary says, “what he or she is facing, what’s on the table at this precise moment, and how we can use that to advance their goals.”

Gary describes his role as a coach as being a confidant and an advocate for his clients.

“We all have blind spots,” he says. “A highly experienced, objective advocate—who may be familiar with the issues a client is facing—can be invaluable as a sounding board or adviser.”

Since working as an executive coach for nearly 30 years, Gary says no two clients are the same. So each plan has to be customized and executed at a pace that fits the executive.

“Defining clear goals and the way they will be achieved is critical,” Gary says.

Attainment of an executive’s goals is largely determined by his or her willingness.

“Willingness to be completely forthcoming,” Gary says, “willingness to be open to new viewpoints and new ways of functioning and willingness to inhabit a new world of their own making.”